Why Buy from GLD?

 Why Buy GLD?

We know you have choices on where you can buy your jewelry and your clothing. You have made the right choice today.

These are the reasons why you should choose GLD:

1. Lifetime Guarantee. All of our jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee so you have no fears. If for any reason the piece fades or breaks you send it back for a new one. We do that because your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we firmly stand behind all of our products. 

2. Many competitors hollow out the back of their jewelry to cut costs. You don't see that when you're looking at their websites and pictures but it's a big surprise when you receive the piece. Our pieces are solid through and through - no tricks.

3. Our gold plating has an extra micron of gold. We developed a new process that allows our manufacturer to coat more gold on your piece so the chances of it fading or wearing out are far less. Many makers of fashion jewelry items only plate their pieces with a "flash" of gold, much less than a micron, and that will fade very fast. For costume jewelry, one micron is enough for considerable length of time. We use much more. Competitors go cheap - we go all in even though it costs us more.

4. Our products are made with authentic materials. If it says 14K, it is 14K. We warrant the authenticity of all materials used for our pieces. 

5. Fast, free shipping on all domestic orders. From order to delivery, it will take 2-6 business days to arrive. You will receive a tracking number to your registered email. The option for DHL comes with full tracking and full insurance. We also have Fedex as an option that also comes with full tracking and full insurance. Rest easy whether you need to ship near or far. 

6. Commitment. If you buy a solid gold piece our CEO will actually inspect the piece as it goes through each and every step. He takes care to make sure your purchase is exceptional - that is his level of commitment to you.

7. Celebrity love. There's a reason why Wiz, Snoop, Future and many notable others come to GLD for custom pieces and gold plated/vermeil productions to give to their fans. We get it right for them and we extend the same care and attention for you too.

8. We're like you. We live the lifestyle. We have fun, we party, we enjoy life and consistently listen to feedback so we can be inspired to create dope pieces for you.

Buy GLD - choose right.




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