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How to choose and buy the best gold chain. How much does it cost?

Posted on June 16 2019

Jewelry is an accessory that can perfectly emphasize your unique look. Gold is definitely a material that is most commonly used to create outstanding jewelry pieces. It’s no wonder that both men and women love different kinds of gold earrings, bracelets, rings and especially chains. They are universal and at the same time original accessories that can be a perfect accent to any outfit. Today, manufacturers of gold jewelry offer us a great variety of products and it is not easy to choose just the right one. The chains vary in the content of gold, style, weight and length, so before you decide to buy gold chain, you should take a moment and think about what you need.

10k Solid Gold Rope Chain (4mm)

10k Solid Gold Rope Chain (4mm)


Before you buy gold chain

Just browse through any online store with jewelry and you will find out that the number of products offered is incredible. So it is not surprising that there are also a great variety of gold chains, which can work for people with different styles and personalities. You can find best quality gold chains for women, but also you won’t have any problem finding the right gold Cuban link chain for men here at GLD.

First of all, you need to think about the purpose of such piece of jewelry, before you decide to buy gold chain. Whether you are looking for a chain that will be used as a bracelet, simple necklace, or a necklace worn with some kind of a pendant – you should take a closer look to the characteristics of each type of the chain. Usually women prefer more delicate styles of chains, while men choose the thicker ones, like for example very popular gold plug chain.

While deciding on which will be the best gold chains for you, try to think about what kind of occasions it is going to be used on. Some customers look for jewelry that will be a part of their everyday styling, while others search for chains only for special occasions, which are very often filled with precious stones.

14k Solid Gold Ball Chain

14k Solid Gold Ball Chain


Solid, plated or hollow gold chains?

The question of how much does a gold chain cost is a common one. The price of such piece of jewelry is a very important matter for many customers, but it depends on many different factors. However, the kind of material used in the process of creation of such gold chain may be a hint for you.

Of course, the best gold chains are made of solid gold, which is very durable but only if you can absorb the highest of prices. So if you need a piece of jewelry that endures almost everything on a daily basis, it may be the most obvious choice. But remember that if you decide to buy gold chain of pure gold expect to pay a lot of money.

Customers who prefer something cheaper should look at our plated pieces  and see how much is a gold chain that is plated. These products are made of different metals, like silver or steel and then they are covered in a layer of gold. They are quite durable and cost less and GLD offers a lifetime guarantee on the items.

There is also another alternative to solid gold jewelry, and that is a hollow chain, which is much lighter, and less expensive than other gold chains. Their only flaw is the fact that hollow gold is prone to dents and is quite easy to break. So you will have to be really careful with such piece of jewelry and, for this reason, we do not offer hollow chains.

Rope Chain (4mm)

Rope Chain (4mm)


The amount of gold in the gold chain

So how much does a gold chain cost? Well, the answer to that question depends also on the number of karats. Every piece of golden jewelry is marked and thanks to that we know what percentage of gold it contains. Remembering that 24K means it is a pure gold. You can find the percentage of gold by dividing the karats by 24. So 14k gold is 14/24 or 58.3% real gold.

But the number of karats should be important not only to customers wondering how much is a gold chain. We need to be aware of the fact that the purer the gold, the less durable such jewelry is. So if you want to wear your gold chain every day, you may want to choose 14K or 10K ones.

On the other hand, people allergic to nickel should be aware that low-karat gold chains usually contain this metal but never at GLD. As a matter of fact, the lower gold purity, the more nickel such piece of jewelry may contain. So, if you are allergic, the best quality gold chains for you will be 14K and 18K. But people whose allergy is really strong, may even have a problem with the smallest amounts of nickel, which are still present in the 14K gold chains.

There is no doubt that the number of gold chains offered to customers by various shops is really great. You can choose from the jewelry in different styles, lengths, weights and also price ranges. And let’s be honest, for most of us the price is very important. The less expensive such gold chain is, the happier we are especially if we love to collect jewelry. We can invest the same amount of money and have a much larger, more varied collection if we go with gold plated items over pure gold or even 10K over 24K.

There ar emany factors to consdier when purchasing gold jewelry as we’ve indicated. That’s why we offer the entire spectrum of products from gold plated to vermeil (solid 925 silver coated in gold) to completely solid gold pieces. We have something that will meet your needs, get you the look you want, and not break the bank doing it. Any quetions please just ask us.

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