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5 Best Strategies To Drive Sales As a New GLD Affiliate

Key Insights
  • What up gang, 
  • 1 Be yourself : Be your own brand
  • 3 Leverage your niche 
  • 4 Build a strong affiliate network or community 
  • Be creative. There is more than one way to skin a tiger 
GLD Affilate program


What up gang, 

Here are some tips on how you can become an affiliate or join the team to begin making cash. 

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance-based marketing. Brands collaborate with various affiliates who then promote their products or services. When promotions by an affiliate lead to a sale, the brand pays them a commission.This commission differs from brand to brand. You can either pay your affiliates for each sale, lead, or click. 

Now it's not just going to fall in your lap, so check out these 5 way to help you be a better affiliate with GLD 


1 Be yourself : Be your own brand

First valuable thing we can gain with a buyer is trust. Therefore it's much better to keep a good relationship with your audience. Engage in a genuine manner. Communicate real emotion. Tell your story to give your tribe the right feel when buying what you are selling. As an affiliate, we are commonly misunderstood as simply merchants or only sales people. In all actuality, we become a partner with the GLD brand. Representing the product in your own natural way allows GLD to reach a new audience. Allowing us, the affiliate, to be rewarded with discounts, merch, and a % of each sale we deliver. 

2 Set Personal Goals for yourself 

As in everything we do to succeed, it's always best to set yourself up to win. In order to win, one must have the discipline it takes just as Micheal Jordan had to get 6 championship rings. Selling is not the only thing that you will need to help you make money. Focus on the skills you have available to be in a position to gain more. Learning new skills also allows you to grow as an individual, but benefits GLD as well by ensuring they have self driven affiliates on the team. 

Simply hashtagging #gldgang won't get the job done. We must put in the work

3 Leverage your niche 

Take for example the group you most naturally resonate with. Whether it is your city, profession, music career or group of people you communicate with daily. Instead of trying to reach everyone, it's more efficient to focus on that small, or medium group of people to solidify a niche. Doing this will give yourself a comfortable approach to selling. It won't even feel like selling anymore, it will begin to just feel like sharing. If sharing is caring, why not make money from doing what you love. 

4 Build a strong affiliate network or community 

Being a team player will keep you from ‘burning-out” Every great leader has had at one time or another a strong team. Here at our GLD VIP Affiliate FB Group, we share with each other our best methods, strategies, learn new ways of marketing, share info, and stay up to date with how we can work together towards success. In a sense, we are creating a family. A squad looking out for each other so we all eat and win. 

5 Leverage affiliate promo from multiple sources 

Some of us as affiliates may not be comfortable in front of the camera, or being seen selling the GLD merch. So rather attempting to do what someone else is doing, look into maximizing unique ways to get your affiliate link to the public. For example…

  1. Writing a blog about jewelry or music fashion 

  2. Photography: Add the merch on your models and drop the link

  3. Partnering with local music artist that has some clout 

  4. Talking to a local barber shop if you can stop by and show some merch 

And so on…

Be creative. There is more than one way to skin a tiger 

All and all, we are now taking this seriously. Those who are here from the beginning will gain alot more from putting in the ground work. Start from the bottom now we are here, right? 

Be sure to click the link here to join the GLD affiliate team and start making some money