America is Broken.

You just landed at GLD :) - a company formed by four 23 year old guys... four kids from middle class families that dreamed big. We sell jewelry and apparel to millennials. Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Future, Snoop, and many professional athletes wear GLD. 

We recently created a special piece that's born from angst - it has been crafted for everyone who's had enough of political bickering, police brutality, high-priced/low-quality education, shrinking opportunities for the youth, crazy priced healthcare, and on and on.

Join Team GLD as we protest against the machine and the people that hold our country hostage while lining their own pockets. Help us raise awareness and fight back.

10% of all Broken America sales go to the "I Have a Dream" Foundation, whose mission is to provide long-term support to children and youth living in under-resourced communities. We picked "I Have a Dream" because, as a group of 23 year old guys, we realize that we were lucky enough to be middle class kids with great opportunities but not all kids have a chance to do what we did. So we want to help by doing what we do best - designing and crafting jewelry.

We forged this Broken America pendant as a badge for people who believe America is spinning out of control, to bring awareness to the issues surrounding that tailspin and to raise money to help the youth escape the system.

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