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GLD (GOLD) - Founded by a group of childhood friends raised in Pittsburgh, PA. A unique group - one that refused to conform and constantly searched for a way to create something bigger than themselves. Being too young to drive, long days & late nights were spent biking through the city, & the group was quickly tagged as "CBK" (City Bike Kids). The early exposure to art, creativity, and culture inspired them to create a lifestyle brand that combined fashion and street wear. This inspiration brought GLD to life.

In Nov. of 2014, GLD began its online presence with limited capital and a slim array of product. By March 2015, GLD opened its first office headquartered in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Surrounded by industrial culture, an east coast influence and a west coast lifestyle were branded as one.

GLD is continuing to mature and provide its community with the best in both fashion and lifestyle. GLD has the ability to bring its community behind the scenes and coexist with them in a way that has never been done before. GLD’s team includes the founders, the GLD community (YOU), and the most influential musicians, performers, designers, and athletes.

 Always made for the best, GLD will continue its focus on quality and craftsmanship in 2017. As year two brings variety and exclusivity, expect the same foundation to remain. As always, dare to make your dream come true, and most importantly dare to be yourself.

Hrt of GLD represents our commitment to making the world a better place. We encourage you to help us help others as we continue to team up with various charities, organizations, and foundations all over the country.  Please contact us for ways to get involved.


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