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8 Pieces of Avengers Jewelry Worthy of King T'Challa's Wardrobe

8 Pieces of Avengers Jewelry Worthy of King T'Challa's Wardrobe

Whether you’re pursuing dreams of Wakandan Royalty or hustling like Tony Stark, you can reflect what matters most to you with the freshest pendants for your chains. Here are 8 pieces that King T’Challa himself would count among his treasures.

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Marvel’s heroes have stood the test of time with decades of stories to their name. Whether on the page or on the screen, they’ve brought these heroes and villains to life by combining incredible art with world-class writing. 

When our team at GLD had a chance to collab with Marvel for this exclusive pendant collection, we knew it’d be the perfect pairing. Like Marvel, we share the highest standards for quality in our products. 

Whether you’re pursuing dreams of Wakandan Royalty or hustling like Tony Stark, you can reflect what matters most to you with the freshest pendants for your chains. Here are 8 pieces that King T’Challa himself would count among his treasures: 

1: Wear Wakandan Royalty with Black Panther’s Mask 

Woven with the Marvel Universe’s most powerful metal, Vibranium, King T’Challa’s suit makes him a force to be feared in any battle he goes up against. As the leader of Wakanda, he’s also their fiercest protector and greatest warrior. 

T’Challa represents caring for and protecting what matters most. From family to your neighborhood, you can symbolize that love with the Black Panther Pendant featuring hand-set black round stones and sleek 18k gold plating. 

2: Show the World You’re Unbreakable with Wolverine’s Claws 

Though he hasn’t made his debut in an MCU movie or series yet, Wolverine is an unmistakable icon of the Marvel Universe. Possibly the most-recognizable member of the X-Men, and also an Avenger, Wolverine is best known for his trademark claws that can cut through nearly anything. 

Another superpower that Wolverine possesses is a healing factor that allows him to recover from any injury. This is thanks, in large part, to his skeleton being laced with another fictional metal called Adamantium. He’s truly one unbreakable mutant! 

If you share that same tenacious mindset, pair it with a set of Wolverine’s claws around your neck. Just make sure you don’t accidentally slash anyone while you’re doing you! 

3: Make the Universe Your Own with an Infinity Gauntlet

If there’s any single symbol most associated with the MCU films, it’s Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet. On a relentless quest to acquire the most powerful objects in the known universe, Thanos tears through time and space with a single focus on his mission. 

While you’re probably not a supervillain from another planet, you may admire the hustle. If you’re on a mission to achieve or obtain what matters most to you in life, show it off with the Infinity Gauntlet Pendant

4: Think Big Picture with Iron Man’s Helmet

Without a doubt, Iron Man’s mask and suit of armor are two of the most visible Marvel icons in both the comics and the entire MCU. Whether it’s Tony Stark donning the red and gold or War Machine holding his own in black and silver, you know it’s a product of one person’s brilliance,  creativity, and laser-focused vision that brought these armors to life. 

Iron Man represents the creativity and big-picture thinking in all of us. When you’re on your grind, there’s no slowing you down to reach your goals. Those are Tony Stark-level habits. 

Each 18k gold plated Iron Man Pendant combines ruby red and yellow hand-set stones along with a unique turquoise enamel to add an MCU-level flash to the eyes. 

5: Wield Your Own Shield Like Captain America 

Whether it’s Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson holding the shield, Captain America proves the best offense is an unbreakable defense. Made from the same Vibranium that powers Black Panther’s suit, Cap’s shield can give anyone the edge to hold their own in any situation. 

The perfectly circular Captain America Pendant features red, clear, and blue hand-set stones housed in white gold plating. With a lifetime guarantee backing all of our pendants, your shield is guaranteed to last longer than Cap spending decades trapped under ice. 

6: Bring the Lightning with Thor’s Hammer 

Did you know that most of Thor’s powers come from his hammer, Mjolnir? In fact, Marvel’s God of Thunder doesn’t even fly on his own - the hammer does it for him! Beyond calling down the lightning from the heavens, Mjolnir is one of the most powerful and revered weapons in the entire Marvel Universe. 

Whether you want to symbolize the strength inside of you to get through the daily grind or you want to electrify your fit for the day with some extra ice, the Thor Pendant is for you. As it’s written on the hammer itself: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of a god!” 

7: Get in Touch with Your Symbiote Side with Marvel’s Lethal Protector 

Though his films are not set in the MCU, Venom’s visage is another unforgettable staple in Marvel’s multiverse. From the pitch-black costume to the large white eyes and sharp teeth, you will have a hard time mistaking Venom for Spider-Man. 

While Venom has earned his rep as a villain in his earliest days, the Lethal Protector is also respected as a guardian of innocent people. Though he looks like he could destroy half of New York City in a single night, he’s a compassionate anti-hero deep down that’s just a bit misunderstood. 

Complete your spider-rivalry by pairing the Venom Pendant with Spider-Man’s mask. Along with premium hand-set stones over 14k white gold plating, each also features meticulously crafted enamel eyes to truly bring these iconic masks to life. 

8: Keep it Low Key Like a Black Widow Spy 

Though Natasha Romanov is the best-known Black Widow, she’s one of many elite spies that share that title. The Black Widows are trained to operate at the highest levels without being outed as double agents. 

If you’re someone that wants to show off your sense of style while still keeping it lowkey, Black Widow’s Pendant is your go-to. Embedded with hand-cut black and red stones like Agent Romanov infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. before she goes legit, you can display an understated style that’s still unmistakable. 

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