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7 Unique Gold Chains to Upgrade Your Fit in 2023

7 Unique Gold Chains to Upgrade Your Fit in 2023

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We all love the feeling of rocking a shiny, fresh new chain. Whether you’re just putting it on for the first time after purchasing it or deciding your fit for a Friday night out, nothing compares to the confidence boost a quality piece provides. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your chains this year but you want to add something unique to you, we got you. Check out some of the most unique gold chain styles that you can rock to upgrade your fit in 2023: 

1: Fivio Snowflake Chain 

You know what it is. Few artists possess a flow that match up to Fivio Foreign’s unique style. 

We collabbed with Fivio on a new collection inspired by his iconic snowflake face tat, and are proud to introduce one of the most hyped pieces in the set: The Fivio Snowflake Chain in white gold. 

After custom-designing the one-of-a-kind snowflake shapes and finishing it in 14K white gold plating, we flooded each one with hand-set CZ stones to add a drip as cold as snow. You’ll always be making a statement wherever you go when you’re rocking this chain, no matter the season. 

2: Link + Pearl Chains

A unisex piece designed to upgrade your fit for both men and women, the Figaro Link + Pearl Chain combines two classic styles joined in the middle with a flat circle front clasp that becomes the central focal point. 

Want to add an extra twist to a unique chain? You can also cop the GG Logo Pearl and Stars Necklace with pearls, G-links, and star links evenly spaced throughout the entire piece. The pearls and the yellow-gold finish combine to form a classy and elegant aesthetic perfect for dressing up a casual fit or complementing your formal getup. 

3: GLD Star Link Chain 

The stars in the GLD logo have inspired multiple pieces that we’ve dropped in the past. Our latest entry, the Star Link Chain, takes that same aesthetic and brings it to a unique chain that you can’t find anywhere else. 

The alternating short and long star links provide a sense of forward movement throughout the full piece. As you turn your head, the shine will dance across the stones like no other. 

4: 19mm Diamond Clustered Cuban Necklace 

For the person that appreciates the finer things in life and wants to show them off to the world, the 19mm Diamond Clustered Cuban Necklace is the go-to. Each link is flawlessly plated in 14K white gold with large CZ stones hand-set overtop. 

We went big for this one. At a 19mm width, it is the ultimate standalone chain for the person that wants to shine the brightest. 

5: An Official NBA Logo Cuban Cuban 

Combining the iconic Miami Cuban Link chain with officially licensed logos of your favorite NBA teams, this latest entry in the GLD x NBA collection ensures you’ll always be ready to rep your squad, with or without a pendant. 

Choose from your favorite teams such as:

Want to take your support for your team further? Pair it with another fresh piece from the GLD x NBA lineup. 

6: Micro Clustered Tennis Neckace

While traditional tennis necklaces with one large stone per link are some of our favorite classics, there’s something about the Micro Clustered Tennis Necklace that adds an aesthetic all its own. With a clustered link, each one is centered with a larger stone as the focal point and the flooded throughout with smaller ones. 

You get the best of both worlds: the iconic look of a tennis necklace with GLD’s signature CZ stones designed for maximum shine. Your accessory game will be unmistakable, and everyone will notice the unique piece you’re wearing around your neck. You can also layer it up with a classic tennis necklace for the ultimate drip. 

7: Micro Diamond Prong Cuban

You can spot a quality cuban chain by its link spacing. With tight spacing and a seamless design, you’ll always be ready to shine when you’re rocking it. 

Love the look of a thicker diamond prong chain but wish there was an option with a slimmer profile? The Micro Dimaond Prong Cuban Necklace brings everything you love about the bold look and shine of a wide diamond prong but with a narrower design that makes it the perfect standalone piece or an ideal layering option. 

For the True GLD Gang Fam: The G-Link Necklace 

Wanting to introduce a completely unique style of link to the jewelry game, our team at GLD custom-designed and molded this piece for the tightest spacing and finest prong settings. The G-Link Necklace is truly unlike any other chain style, classic or modern. 

The G-Link is our tribute to the GLD Gang’s creativity and individuality, which continues to inspire every new design we drop. When you add one to your accessory collection, you’ll also unlock VIP first access to new drops, exclusive GLD events, and we’ll buy your drinks if we see you wearing it! 

Get a Dope Chain to Upgrade Your Style in 2023 

At GLD, we’re creators that are designing new quality pieces on the daily for you to add to your fit. Whether you’re looking for unique styles like the ones above or you want to go with a more iconic, classic, and timeless piece, you’ll find them all here. 

Shop our full collection of chains today to find that perfect piece for your style or hit us up anytime for more info.