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How to Tell Jewelry of Quality Apart from the Rest

How to Tell Jewelry of Quality Apart from the Rest

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Whether you’re at the store or online, if you’re searching for a new drip to add to your collection, you’re likely to find many different stores selling accessories that look the part - but are these pieces actually jewelry of quality? 

Low-quality jewelry is designed to imitate the look and feel of the real deal, but it can’t replicate that true shine and sleek appearance that elevates style to the next level. 

If you’re considering adding a new piece to your collection and want something that’s worth your investment, this guide is for you. These are our tips for distinguishing jewelry of quality from the rest to ensure you’re getting an authentic piece that’s going to bring the shine. 

1: Look for Official Collabs with Other Well-Known Brands

Collabs are true indicators of quality. If other established, reputable brands are willing to put their name to exclusive designs, this means that the jewelry manufacturer’s work has been vetted heavily to ensure that they are producing high-end pieces. 

Look for official, exclusive collabs and limited drops produced in partnership with brands you can easily recognize. Whether that is a professional sports league like the NBA or an epic media property like Marvel, you can buy with confidence. 

To see if the jewelry was authorized by the collaborating brand, look for their copyright stamp on part of the piece. For example, you will find the official stamp of any GLD collaborators on the backs of our pendants so you know they were produced to these iconic brands’ standards. 

2: Who’s Wearing Pieces from the Brand? 

Does a jewelry company’s work resonate with celebrities, influencers, or other public figures that are willing to put their reputation behind the pieces? When everyone is trying to obtain an endorsement from these individuals, actually earning that stamp of approval comes from hard work, consistency, and a focus on quality. 

At GLD, we’re grateful that icons like Snoop Dogg, Kehlani, and Justin Bieber have taken notice of our work and have collaborated with us on some of the dopest designs in the game. This has led to some of our most unique and fastest-selling pieces like Snoop’s Death Row Records Pendant, Justin’s Iced Ball Chain, and Kehlani’s Honeycomb chain that are unlike anything else. 

3: Does the Brand Produce Original Pieces? 

Another key sign of quality jewelry is whether the brand produces original pieces in addition to timeless staples. Uniqueness and creativity are what drive any dope sense of style, and even classic designs can be updated for today’s tastes. 

If you’re considering buying a piece online or in-store, see if they have any original pieces that are exclusive to them. Do they feature the same attention to detail and quality as the other items that they offer? 

4: Do They Offer a Wide Range of Products and Materials?

When you’re searching for that perfect drip, you may need different pieces for different fits. 

Look for a source that can connect you with quality pieces from chains to earrings, rings, grillz, pendants, and more. You’ll always have something to elevate your style for any occasion. 

Beyond the variety of products, though make sure that they are working with high-end materials. Whether you’re searching for gold plated, vermeil, or solid gold, does the brand provide transparency to you as well as premium options in addition to a quality standard offering? 

5: Does the Manufacturer Guarantee Their Work? 

Even for the most careful of jewelry collectors, there is always a chance something could need repairs over time. Whether there was a breakage, dent, or other damage to the metal, you could be forced to spend serious cash to restore the piece to its original condition if it does not come with a guarantee behind it. 

Quality jewelry offers customers a guarantee that their pieces will be repaired and/or replaced if damage occurs. You’re investing in looking your best, and hidden costs should not play into that. 

Get Your Jewelry of Quality from the Source

At GLD, we’re always on our grind to produce the highest quality pieces possible. Whether you’re searching for gold plated, vermeil, or solid gold, all of our items are guaranteed for life and are designed to always keep your fit looking fresh. 

To learn more about how we produce our own jewelry of quality, check out our signature products and collaborations or hit us up anytime.