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What Are Tennis Chains?

Inspired by the famous tennis bracelets, tennis chains were invented and designed to pair with the classic wrist accessory. A tennis chain is a chain necklace that contains small diamonds or delicate stones, that are connected by a precious metal chain. Tennis chains are meant to showcase a flawless strand of diamonds for the perfect tapered accessory. Our tennis necklace mens collection are offered in a variety of styles. We offer real tennis chains in different stone sizes, both large and small. We’ve put our own creative vision into elevating the classic tennis link chain design, to create the best tennis chains available today.


Great Collection of Tennis Chains at The GLD Shop

In this category you’ll find the best tennis chains in both classic and contemporary styles. Signature mens tennis chain necklace includes the 3mm and 5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace, offered in both white gold and yellow gold. Simple and flawless, these are the best tennis chains if you’re looking to wear individually or layer multiple pairs. Gold tennis chains are offered in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold materials. We’ve elevated the tennis chain necklace design even more by creating one of a kind pieces, inspired by the classic design.

If you’re looking for a stand out white gold tennis chain, we’ve created the Clustered Tennis Necklace in White Gold. If you want more diamonds and more shine, this is the perfect white gold tennis chain. The Clustered Tennis Necklace features bold centered stones surrounded by smaller accent stones for a complete iced out look. This style can be worn as a tennis choker chain for a shorter look. Don’t miss our Center Stone Baguette Tennis Necklace. This expertly crafted statement gold tennis chain is a must have for your collection. We’ve mixed baguette and round stones for a flawless two tone look accented with yellow precious stones. This gold tennis chain comes with our exclusive “GLD Script” clasp, which is showcased on custom pieces for Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Wiz Khalifa, and more icons.


Choose The Best Quality Tennis Chains

The GLD Shop offers the highest quality of real tennis chains. Gold tennis chains are offered in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold materials, made from 14 karat gold. Our precious materials range from gold plated to solid gold options, making sure there’s a tennis chain necklace meeting everyone’s specifications.