14k Gold Chains

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The Perfect Collection of 14k Gold Chains

The GLD Shop is the premier destination for high quality 14k gold chains for sale. We’ve made it even easier for you to select your next 14k gold necklace. “14k” refers to 14 karat gold, which indicates that 14 karats of pure gold are found in the metal material. 14k indicates 58.3% of the gold is pure solid gold. The remaining percentage are alloys used to strengthen the material. We choose to work with 14k gold because of its delicacy, durability, and quality. 14k gold chain necklaces are typically the strongest chains on the jewelry market, and long lasting.


The Highest Quality of 14k Gold Chains

The feeling of buying your first real 14k gold chain is indescribable. We know how meaningful 14k yellow gold chains are, which is why we offer the highest quality of 14k gold chains for sale. The chains in this collection are all real 14k gold chains. In this collection, we’ve put together the essential 14k gold chain necklaces your wardrobe needs. These real 14k gold chains are the epitome of luxury and simplicity. You can wear these as stand alone items, layered, or pair with your favorite pendant.


Choose Real 14k Gold Chains in The GLD Shop

Our 14k gold chains for sale come in three different variations of 14k gold chain mens styles. We’ve selected the most popular in demand styles your collection needs; Micro Cuban, Franco Chain, and Ball Chain. These are the top three most popular designs for 14k gold chain necklaces. Each have a width of 2.5mm, and are offered in 14k yellow gold and 14k rose gold. Find out more about 14k Gold.