Check Out Hypebeast's Article Featuring GLD's Hold Onto Your Friends Hat

Posted on August 14 2015

This past week, Hypebeast published an article regarding the trend of classic sports caps in streetwear from its inception in the 1980’s through its evolution to today. The article touched on the sports cap’s urban fashion roots originating with Polo, as seen on the Polo-draped Ghostface Killah and Raekwon in a Wu-Tang video “Can It All Be So Simple.” By the early 1990’s, the classic sports cap had successfully integrated itself into streetwear culture.

The article goes into analysis, providing a historical context on everything in between where the this fashion trend began and where its positioned today,“Thus, the sports cap had successfully transitioned from preppy-sport symbol of the wealthy, to streetwear staple.”

It wouldn’t be an article on sports caps and streetwear without a Hold On To Your Friends… feature. Don’t worry- a slideshow of pictures depicts Mistercap himself in one of GLD’s most popular products as shown below.


Check out the article to learn about one of streetwear’s modern prominent trends:



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